Your Tech Voice in Writing

Miriam Peskowitz

Room 410 • October 28 • 11:10 am

The tech world needs your voice. Ever wanted to put some writing on (or other venues) and join the growing tech-industry conversations held there? Ever wonder about the structure of a piece, or how to create an editorial calendar, or how to start a tech-writing project and keep it going? Are you not sure what you’re expertise is, or do you worry that you’re not expert enough? Join this hands-on workshop where we’ll analyze tech writing online, find your expertise, brainstorm topics, make lists of fave phrases, discuss op-ed writing, and share and banish everyone’s worst writing fears.

Outcomes include: realizing your areas of expertise; focusing; brainstorming article/blog ideas; creating an editorial calendar, an end to worrying about your grammar (welcome to writing tools!) Let’s dream – and build platforms to get our women-in-tech voices heard.

Offered by Miriam Peskowitz, Ph.D., New York Times Bestselling Author of The Daring Book for Girls, and Girls + Tech (coming in 2018).