How Public Speaking Made Me a Better Leader (& vice-versa)

Yash Prabhu

Levitt Auditorium • October 28 • 3:30 pm

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Both public speaking and leading a team are pretty scary things to do. Both involve standing in front of people, encouraging them to try something new and work towards a goal or a common idea. A few years years ago, I became a team lead. Around the same time, I started giving talks at meetups and speaking at conferences. When I look back, I realize that public speaking definitely helped me in being better at leading a team and being a team lead helped me become a better public speaker. How so? It’s not only the confidence and communication skills but so much more that you can gain from doing both. Come learn how the skills you learn from public speaking can translate into better leadership skills and vice-versa . At the end of this talk, I hope you are inspired to take the necessary steps to move towards being both a public speaker and leader.