Building Gender Inclusivity into the Web

Rachel McGrane

Levitt Auditorium • October 28 • 10:05 am

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As a trans person working in the web industry, I try to make design decisions that make it a little bit easier for us to use the web. From providing an easy way to change your name to even account security and privacy, changes like these can lead to making your trans users feel safe. However, cis people need to be aware of how to design for us as well. To truly be inclusive of all genders, these adjustments can’t just be made on a case-by-case basis. Trans inclusivity needs to be baked into our design system and how we think about building our websites and apps. This talk would explore some of the problems we face trying to use cisnormative websites and how we can not only try to remedy the safety and inclusivity problems in the short term but also foster an environment wherein figuring out solutions to these problems is integrated into the design process.